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This video requires some explanation. On November 12th I attended a lecture on Audiovisual Design given by a guest speaker at my university. I didn't know it at the time, but he's made some of my favourite music videos. Anyway, it inspired me to make this video above, which I will now explain:

I live in Sweden, and you may have heard that Sweden is statistically one of most atheist countries in the world. When I told this to my friend Anders he was very surprised. He thought that we HAD to be one of the MOST religious. HE thought we were the bottom of the barrel, and he now has a different outlook on the rest of the world. So today I want to show all you Non-Swedes that we, too, have our fair share of that kind of people. It's not about religion today, though.

"SveDiMF" stands for "Svenska Delfin-i-Människokropp-Förbundet", which translates as "the Swedish Dolphin-in-a-Human-Body-Union." They are people who think they're dolphins, and the video above is a remix/mashup of an interview with some of them (all of them?), their Jingle, and the song Moan by the great Trentemøller. If you're interested: Svedimf also have the worst website on the known internet.

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- November 15th 2008

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