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I've Got a Westworld Theory

Few TV shows manage to build hype like Westworld did in its first season in 2016. A few months previously I'd started Shows What You Know with Jim Scampoli and Westworld was one of the first shows we dove into detail on, reviewing each episode as it released, keeping up with all the reddit theories and discussing everything together with our listeners. The amount of theories flying around as season 1 aired was truly ridiculous, and for our podcast I made a song playfully poking fun at all the mad theories.

The song is an adaptation of "I've Got a Theory" from Once More, with Feeling, the musical episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. After playing the song live on our podcast I thought it would be fun to visualise it in a music video with all the theories put up on one of those tropey serial killer walls with all the theories connected by thread, which is exactly what I did.

We've continued to discuss the remaining seasons of Westworld but much like the show itself we were unable to capture the same mad joy of the first season. As I'm writing this Westworld has reached the end of its third season and the many flaws that were hidden by timeline jumps and robot reveals have been laid bare. I'll still always have some love in my heart for Westworld though, as it led to me having this mad thing on my wall for over two years.

Lyrics & Chords

A G F#m  E
I've got a theory! It could be Bernard, a robot Bernard, no something isn't right there...
I've got a theory, could be Dolores, he hid himself inside her massive robot mind, yes?

F#m   G  A
I've got a theory we should work this out

F#m   G  A  B
It's getting eerie, who's Arnold and what's this show about?

A G F#m      E
It could be Anagrams! Just lots of anagrams!
Which is ridiculous cause anagrams are stupid and JK Rowling infected a whole generation and I'll be over here...

I've got a theory! It could be William!

D  E  B
William's not the Man in Black like everybody supposes!
He's Arnold from the past, like in War of the Roses!

A       E     G
And he made them all robots! Yeah, everyone is a robot except for Arnold!

D      E   A
By which i mean William! William! Arnold is William!! 

Or maybe Wyatt...

F#m   G   A
I've got a theory we should podcast fast

F#m   G   A   B
Every week a new hot take, we cannot take them back

A   C    D
I've got a theory, it doesn't matter!

Em  C  D  G
Live in the moment, there's no rush
There's an Arnold inside all of us

Bm   A    Bm   A
These theories are — bad for the show — so just enjoy — leave it alone

Em  C  D  G
Trust Nolan they will make it better
but not if your brain don't let them

Bm   A    Bm   A
So turn this off — and shut up fast  — close reddit tabs — let's make this last

Em C D A
Don't make this LOST

Video published November, 2016