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Hourly Comics - October 1

Hourly Comics from October 1st.

Tags: gotham, writing, mirror asshole, jobs, history, ghost dream, tooth, sleep in cliches, broken fridge, houseboat, medicine, young adult, 2/5.

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Posted October 23rd, 2014
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Luke and R2 trapped

Episode eight of Library 34. Time for a Star Wars / Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover.

"Set after Star Wars Return of The Jedi. Luke Skywalker and R2 D2 are sent to the Outer Rim to get more systems for the New Republic. But his X-Wing is damaged and when he escapes he lands up on a strange planet filled with war. Will he help end the war or will he make it worse?"

Posted October 16th, 2014
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You Wanna Go

PLAYLISP mashup of Hot N Cold (Katy Perry), Pursuit of Happiness (Kid Cudi / Steve Aoki), They Wanna Know (Adam Tensta) and Before U Know It (Adam Tensta). If you like this mashup I made then spread it around or dance or something, and download BREAK IT / FIX IT and don't do drugs. LOL JK

Posted October 9th, 2014
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Siren Heart

Episode seven of Library 34. I can hardly believe it took us this long to get to a proper Drarry story.

"It's about 2 o' clock in the morning of Harry's birthday when Draco gets a surprise visitor at the dead of the night. Slash/Creature/Mpreg. Submissive Harry."

Posted October 2nd, 2014
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Hip Hop Cannot be Pop

Here's a demo of one of my new tracks for the upcoming THIS IS A BEAT 2 mixtape. I made the beat sampling Sweet Thing by Mick Jagger. Here are the lyrics, including some maybe helpful links.

Posted September 25th, 2014
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Hello There - in English!

Me and my (mostly) platonic soulmate Anders host a comedy podcast called Hallå Där. We've put up a new episode every week for the past two years. The show can be found at but I've kept it off the start page because all the episodes have been in Swedish.


(Yes, until now.)

Posted September 18th, 2014
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Hourly Comics - September 1

Hourly Comics from September 1st.

Tags: chocolate pimples, rant, sailor moon / phantom of the opera crossover, lunch, eating habits, words of radiance, stove, allergy, dropbox, estonia.

Posted September 10th, 2014
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finding the true earth prince, and new love

Episode six of Library 34. This is a Sailor Moon / Phantom of the Opera crossover. For the uninitiated, "lemon" is a term used to refer to explicitly sexual stories in fanfiction. Now you know more!

"as usagi find ray and mararu in bed together, her mother told her about the inners being evil, and the earth prince as well, but usagi didn't know there was a second earth prince, so her mother transported her and her loyal scouts to the another world where she can find the true earth prince,"

Posted September 4th, 2014
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Hey, at least it's Creative

When I was ten years old me and my two friends started cutting obituaries out of newspapers. We pasted them to cardboard, collected and traded them. We invented a game where higher ages beat lower ages. We couldn't afford Pokemon cards.

In later years I've learned that this led to some "crisis meetings" for the school staff, some of whom were understandably disturbed. Turns out we didn't get told off because two of our teachers were former punk rockers who thought it was brilliant. Obviously they couldn't say that, so instead they used the shrugging defence of "hey, at least it's creative".

Posted August 28th, 2014
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Where is Harry Potter

Episode five of Library 34.

"Where is Harry Potter where on the earth read the story to find out"

Posted June 7th, 1970
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Hourly Comics - August 1

Hourly Comics from August 1st.

Tags: kraftwerk, chapters, finding carter, bad machinery, much ado about nothing, joss whedon, rain, problems, grandmother, script, translation, style.

Posted August 14th, 2014
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