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Original song by Jakob Burrows, performed on the ukulele. This one's about bringing people back from the dead!

aah katherine
it's good to see you again
i'd ask how you have been
but i already know oh oh

i heard about the car crash
too bad your left arm got smashed
that was a bit tricky i will admit, but i found one that would fit
and now you're whole again

oh katherine
it'd be a sin
to let your body decay
such a shame to leave it that way
i know we haven't spoken in a while but i missed you
and i thought maybe you missed me too
such a shame to leave it like that

i don't want you to panic
these straps are for both our protection
you see it's often difficult to tell what'll come back to the shell
in a complex ressurrection like this

by the way we should test that right now
just give me a blink if you're able to think
...wait, why are your eyes red?


i hope you're still in there
why are you giving me that stare
oh dear what's that coming out of your nose
it looks like a garden hose

or a tentacle - oh god, always with the tentacles...
and there's more coming out of you now
and they're ripping you free from the slab
this is not what i had in mind


katherine please tell me that's you
oh god i am taking off my shoe
and i'm not afraid to throw it
oh what have i dooooooone?!
i just wanted us to maybe have some fun
oh god, it's opening it's mouth!
aahh, the teeth! It's going to speak!

oh steve
thanks for reviving me
as you can see
you also set some friends of mine free

we haven't spoken in a while but you always annoyed me
now i'm super-evil and you're still so boring
such a shame to leave it like that
oh such a shame to leave it like that

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- July 14th 2011

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