Awesomepedia! Video! Abra Makabra 101015!

Abra Makabra 101015

This is a promotional video that I filmed and edited for the band Abra Makabra. They play a kind of new folk with a level of skill that makes mere mortal musicians (like me) sick to their stomachs.

They recently won the competition "Young Folk Music Band of 2010" and they're in the process of signing with Peace & Love Artists (the managing company that goes along with Sweden's largest music festival, Peace & Love).
In summary: they're going places.

Hourly Comic fans should know that Tobbe (drummer) and Thea (green dress) are the same Tobbe & Thea that sometimes appear in the comics - including the two first hours of the most recent update!

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- December 16th 2010

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