Awesomepedia! Video! How do we fix Game of Thrones? | Video Essay!

How do we fix Game of Thrones? | Video Essay

Could killing Bronn fix Game of Thrones? What if you capture Jamie, fix Tyrion's plan, make Daenerys and Jon Snow go north together, and make it character driven instead of focusing on just plot? Welcome to my Game of Thrones video essay where I attempt to fix the writing in season seven. Here's a summary of my thoughts from the video:

1. Kill Bronn: The loot train attack is awesome but there's no real price paid on either side - nothing changes by the end of the battle! I think Bronn should die because 1) the events would feel like they had actual weight, and there's too many fake deaths 2) his demise would mark the end of the light-hearted fun times of GoT and 3) It would be a great turning point for Tyrion, who should have started the season full of anger and been tempered by the death of his friend, instead of just wanting the same thing all season.

2. Capture Jamie: Stakes and consequences used to be so central in GoT, so when Jamie decides to ride at a dragon it should result in him being captured, at the very least. He could have the canon scenes with Tyrion except in chains at Dragonstone, and his scenes with Daenerys would have been interesting since he murdered her father, though people are pretty quick to forgive that sort of thing these days. Coming face to face with Daenerys would mean confronting his past, and it could cause him to alter his present. Having Bronn and Jamie both escape in such an unlikely way undermines the cool scenes that the show is otherwise so great at crafting, in my opinion.

3. Fix Tyrion's Dumb Plan: Going north of the Wall never made sense. They wanted the Night King to get a dragon and there are better ways of doing it. The point of the plan was to convince Cersei, but instead the point should have been to convince Daenerys. She makes a deal with Jon - "I'll burn these frost ghosts of yours and you bend the knee". She has good reasons to be over-confident and dragon-fire has solved all her problems in the past. So they fly north on a dragon and get shot down. This way, Daenerys' over-confidence is the reason her dragon dies, and she's forced to face her own mortality. It would give her more of an arc than just falling for Jon Snow faster than Viserion fell into the ice.

I don't think I'm some genius who could have done it better but these are fun possibilities to play around with. Do you agree with these changes, or do you have other suggestions of your own?

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- October 10th 2017

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