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The Reindeer Games

So I filmed a lot of silly shiz when me, Calle and Anders went across the Americats from coast to coast last year, and most of it I never really got around to editing together properly. I've shared some stuff from New York, where the trip started, but I hope in future I'll be able to tell you about how we got lost in New Orleans in the middle of the night, or about when our bus broke down in the middle of the desert, or how we had to kick in a few doors - like a god damn action movie - while we were staying in Hollywood.

But for a start I want to share this video from when we hung out in Las Vegas - one of the definite highlights of the trip! Anders was as trigger-happy with taking pictures as I was with filming, so this video is partly a slideshow of his pics set to audio from the Jim and Them show, which we went on the day after. Big thanks to Jim and Jake who came out with us and Mike and Jeff who we met the night after!

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- December 5th 2013

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