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The title is IDIOT-SOCIETY. The idea for this skit struck me and my friend Anders about a year ago and it's mainly about intellectual snobbery and thinking you're better than other people. I've lived in Sweden all my life but rarely do I ever make things in Swedish if they can be made in English. Well, this is one of those things that had to be made in Swedish!

I will provide an explanation here, and you might get a kick out of the animation no matter where you're from, but it's one of those things that will inevitably lose something in translation. Parts of this song rhymes in Swedish but most of it does not. The lyrics are something like:

If you can't say something smart, don't say anything!
If you can't say something intelligent, don't say anything!
Let me lay it down for you -I think you've got a moment to listen;
because you have nothing important in your liiiife!
Take it, ducky! [The bird repeats the first two lines.]

The idiots in our society, they really ought to go to hell;
because what do they contribute? Nothing, no never anything at all!
What do they do, ducky?
[The bird:] Nothing!
When do they do it, ducky?
[The bird:] Nothing!!

Let me say this slowly so you idiots understand...
Do an IQ test online, and see how low your IQ is,
If it's under 110, you can't work with anything important!
If it's under 105, you can't live in any larger city!
[The bird:] We do not count Gothenburg here.
Or the rest of Skåne so fuck off there!
If you have under 90 - what? If you have under 90 - whaat?
If you have under 90 then you're not allowed to vote!

[national anthem plays]

What can you work with?
[Man in crowd:] Mining for ore!
What do you want to work with?
[Man in crowd:] Mining for ore!!
[First two lines repeat]

I just got out of this voting booth - I of course voted for Moderaterna!
[The bird] But I'm going to vote for Sossarna!
Ha cha cha cha cha kossarna! [made up nonsense]
But Jakob, what happens if we let the idiots vote?
Let me tell you... We'll get an Idiot-Society!
An Idiot-Society! Idiot-Idiot-Idiot-Idiot-Idiot-Society!

If you're hearing this and you're an idiot, what are you to do?
1, 2, 3, 4... You will swim in acid!
[various lines repeated]
[electric guitar solo]
[end of song]

Don't worry! You can take comfort in the fact that nine out of ten Swedes would probably be just as confused as you.

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- October 31st 2013

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