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2 Eyes 2 Ears

2 Eyes 2 Ears is a 40 minute cultural crash that I originally composed as a video installation for the exhibition Recycle Art. It's been online before, split into six parts, but it was always meant to be seen without breaks, so I've now put up the whole thing without interruptions!

Download the soundtrack at my soundcloud or find more of my remix work at

00:20 - Copyright Notice (OPM VS Eminem)
03:30 - Angry Suburbs p1 (Ben Folds VS Eminem)
06:00 - Angry Suburbs p2 (Grease VS Outcast VS Super Mario)
09:12 - What I Gotta Do (Dexter VS Lil Wayne)
11:30 - Don't Stop Smiling (Beastie Boys VS Journey VS Dead or Alive)
14:50 - A Lotta Feeling (David Hasselhoff VS Black Eyed Peas)
17:55 - Familjen Pip (Familjen VS Scroobius Pip)
21:55 - Don't Worry - Party! (50 Cent VS Bobby McFerrin VS Passion Pit)
25:35 - Bare Bananas (Jungle Book VS Gwen Stefani VS MGMT)
28:45 - Familjen Dodson (Familjen VS Antoine Dodson VS Fever Ray)
31:50 - Alabama Shake (Lynyrd Skynyrd VS Teddybears STHLM VS Drake)

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- July 14th 2012

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