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I skuggan av ett kallt krig

Multi-camera exercise produced at Dalarna University 2010. This is an episode from the series I skuggan av ett kallt krig (In the Shadow of a Cold War) about Stig Bergling, a former Swedish police officer who spied for the Soviet Union. This episode re-creates the hearing after Bergling's arrest in Israel on March 20, 1979. English subtitles are available!

I was the "bildproducent" on this, which I think translates as "technical director". This means I was in charge of all the visual aspects - developing the look of the scene, picking the shots and doing the live editing in the control room.

Over the past years I've done a lot of editing and thought a lot about how editing works, and in this video you'll notice me applying that experience and trying hard to construct clear editing points that work well visually and boost the movement of the plot at the same time. I think I'd very much enjoy working as a technical director.

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- March 4th 2012

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