Awesomepedia! Video! PLAYLISP 111029 (1/2)!

PLAYLISP 111029 (1/2)

On October 29th I performed as PLAYLISP at Dalarnas Museum, doing live mashups for A LOT of confused old people and kids. It wasn't the sort of crowd I usually play for, but hey, a gig is a gig is a gig.

You can read a lot more about this gig on the blog! Here's a list of the mashups:

01:10 OPM VS Eminem
05:55 Owl City VS Ice Cube
08:20 Grease Lightning VS Nate Dogg
09:30 Bobby McFerrin VS 50 Cent
10:45 Nintendo VS Beastie Boys
11:45 Journey VS Beastie Boys
14:10 Jungle Book VS Eminem VS Gwen Stefani
16:15 MGMT VS Ludacris
17:30 Fever Ray VS Drake
18:40 Lynyrd Skynyrd VS Drake VS Teddybears STHLM
22:40 The Prodigy VS LMFAO VS Quad City DJs

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