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This is a short film I directed about a year ago. It premiered at Dalarna Film Festival last September, and it's been online for a while, but I never got around to making subtitles for it, so it's not been here on Awesomepedia until now!

This film was produced by Daydreamers (the same crew that made Rånet and Answer Me) and the screenplay for this was written by Jonathan Norberg, who also edited the film, and shot it together with Lovisa Ramsén. Big ups to the whole crew - everyone did an amazing job!

As you can probably tell this film is much more contemplative and serious than the stuff I usually make, and it was a really interesting experience. At first I was a bit apprehensive about directing actors twice my age, but Teresia and Henrik were really great and it turns out that none of that matters when you're all united in trying to tell a story.

Produced with financial support from Film i Dalarna.

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- February 1st 2012

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