Awesomepedia Podcasts

Awesomepedia Podcasts

Hallå Där is a comedy podcast hosted by me and Anders Backlund. It started in 2011 as part of the student radio at my university and currently updates with a new hour long episode every Friday.

We talk a lot nonsense and take apart our favourite (and least favourite) TV-shows and movies. Not unlike Library 34 we also like to dig out absurd and amazing things from the hidden corners of the internet - for example in our regularly recurring feature OMG or YA.

For a long time all the episodes were in Swedish, but since 2014 we've recorded every other episode in English. International listeners can find the English episodes collected at

Library 34 is a podcast where I turn terrible fanfiction into terribly entertaining radio. It updates every other Thursday.

The show started in 2014 and we've already listened to Severus Snape seduce Legolas, Luke Skywalker save the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Cartman and Kyle meet under the mistletoe.

Reading these stories is like flossing your brain. Or bleaching it, maybe. It's like that pale blue dot thing that Mr Sagan was always on about. Join me in gazing into the eye of the storm; the eye of madness. Let us pass through this darkness together and emerge, having changed.