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Wtf is this?

Library 34 is a podcast where we turn terrible fanfiction into terrible radio. Don't ask why.

Well if you DID ask us why we'd say that reading these stories is like flossing your brain. Or bleaching it, maybe. It's like that pale blue dot thing that Mr Sagan was always on about. Join us in gazing into the eye of the storm; the eye of madness. Let us pass through this darkness together and emerge, having changed.

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#9 - Anna

"Really good story, please review. It's about Hermione taking a philosophy class and getting to know a girl named Anna, who has epilepsy. (Better than it sounds). Seizure in chapter two. Yes, it is a lot like God's NOT Dead the movie later but just deal with it. Lots of OC."

This story is listed as a Bible / Harry Potter crossover.

Published October 30, 2014