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How To Detect Bullshit

Here is a video wherein you can educate yourself as to the process of bullshit-detecting, a seemingly lost art in today's society. Take these three simple steps to heart and you too can become a cynical asshole today! Wonderous.

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Posted July 2nd, 2016
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Fanfiction Reading: Alan Rickman/Legolas

For this video I've taken the audio from episode four of Library 34 and set it to the text of the fanfiction story that I am reading, which is called "The Ballroom at the Edge of the Universe." It is a short but brilliant fic that boggled my mind by being not Snape/Legolas or Alan Rickman/Orlando Bloom - instead it takes the path less travelled by having Alan Rickman (the actor) meet and screw Legolas (the elf).

Story summary: "There is a strange and shimmering ballroom in some space/time allows for all manner of unusual introductions...say Legolas and Alan Rickman (who has his own space time issues like he was born in the Victorian era and may return to his own planet)...but we digress. of couse he finds Legolas stunning and the feeling is retruned as they dance try to puzzle things out ponder wizards and they sneek of to sometining not intirely quite unlike the Room of Requirement..but some things remain consealed."

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Posted June 10th, 2016
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Should Humanity Colonize Mars?

In this third episode of HEAY or NAIG (watch episodes one and two too) Anders and I tackle another important topic - whether humanity should colonize Mars! Subscribe for more concise solutions to complicated problems.

Posted April 24th, 2016
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35 Book Reviews

I wanted to read more in 2015, so I did! Here are some super-fast lightning reviews of every single novel I read in 2015. If you hate reading and think books are for nerds then I recommend that you watch a different video. If you like reading and think books are for cool kids then I recommend that you subscribe to the Youtube here.

Posted February 29th, 2016
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Wikings and Wampires: HEAY or NAIG?

In this second installment of HEAY or NAIG, Anders and I break down the topic of pronunciation and whether it is actually important. (It is, it lets people know if you're being chased by a big furry animal or an alcoholic beverage!)

Posted January 24th, 2016
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Genetic Manipulation: HEAY or NAIG?

Should we genetically manipulate our children?? Perhaps turn them into SQUID BABIES OF SOME KIND? This is the type of perfectly reasonable question that Anders and I will be answering in our new show HEAY or NAIG! Watch this previous video if you're confused about the name.

Posted January 10th, 2016
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24 Parody Songs

Parody songs are so stupid and easy and beneath me so I made two dozen, and you're welcome.

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Posted December 15th, 2015
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One Word Titles 2

Here is part 2 of our immensly popular (haha) One Word Title series, where me and my friend Anders take the titles of TV-shows and guess what the plot is. Watch the video, it's seriously great. Sometimes I am blown away by how funny we are, it's like ridiculous.

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Also you can listen to our podcast here (English episodes collected here)! There won't be a new episode this week because I'm off to London for a bit, but otherwise there are new episodes every Friday! Actually I really should make those things appear on the front page of Awesomepedia already; it's the only thing on here that updates regularly and it's hidden over at /podcast... PFF WHATEVS

Posted November 29th, 2015
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One Word Titles

Who can keep track of all these new TV-shows?? WE CAN, THAT'S WHO. Here are our guesses for the concepts behind Crowded, Aquarius, Clipped, Stitchers, Proof and Ballers! This is the second video on the new Sweden Heathen youtube channel that you can handily subscribe to here.

Posted October 22nd, 2015
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34 Television Pitches

If you want to steal any of these ideas, just put me in the credits and paypal me some money. This is the first in a new series of videos, go subscribe to the new youtube channel if you know what's good for ya.

Posted September 24th, 2015
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Scabbed Knees

For the past few months, Awesomepedia has been – let's not say DEAD but, uh – it's been a bit stationary. Congealed! Yeah that sounds about right. Like a big old clot of blood, hardening into place. Which sounds like a bad thing but (as I'm here to tell you) it's actually really good! Clots means you're healing!! Don't pick at scabs, people, because they are a metaphor, and Awesomepedia is healing.

Posted September 10th, 2015
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Ten tracks, some with samples weaving intricate webs, others where the beat is a song and the flow blends into the music. This is something new and interesting and if you don't like it, it's because you have terrible taste. Or because you're afraid of new things. At least that's what I'll whisper as I cry myself to sleep after reading your mean comment. Boo hoo hoo.

Posted April 16th, 2015
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