What are Hourly Comics?

Hello! I am Jakob Burrows. I make these hourly comics.

What are hourly comics?

Around the beginning of 2006 John Campbell, who makes pictures for sad children, had the idea of taking journal comics to their monotonous extreme by making an hourly autobiographical. He made a comic every hour that he was awake throughout the month of January, and then got a whole lot of people to do it for one day, christening February 1st as hourly comic day.

When do you make hourly comics?

In the summer of 2008 I decided to try it, and I made hourlies every hour that I was awake throughout July. I repeated this in July 2009, and in 2009 I also started making them on the first of every month.

How do you hourly comics?

I've mostly been drawing my hourlies in the style I use for Apathy Adventures (a style that is shamelessly derivative of John Campbell's work), although I've recently been experimenting with the Awesome Planet style. I've also been making tributes to some of my favourite webcomics, like A Softer World and Dinosaur Comics.

Can I have all that explained in the form of a comic?

Of course! Here's a comic that I made when I first started in 2008.

Finally, who are the people appearing in these comics?

Well, these are some of the people in the hourlies, as I originally drew them.