Mizsupladitah says:

(February 18, 2012.)

I mnaeod over price of books but I still bought them. I have my own solution though. When I want a book so much but couldn't afford the new one, I bought the used one.Yet, I second your saying on how the low waged citizens are able to own a Blackberry but when it comes to books, suddenly they are all too expensive. Look around, even students who have no monthly income own expensive gadgets.Are they lucky? I don't think so.

Chloe says:

(November 28, 2013.)

I have been looking into bunyig a cruiser/mini cruiser board for mainly just riding around town, but I wanted to learn some basic tricks like kickflips on the side. I have heard that it's harder to learn these on mini cruisers than normal skateboards. Is this true? And why?

Hanna says:

(December 1, 2013.)

Brigitte Gabriel is terrific. Please cosendir buying copies of her book "Because They Hate" for Christmas/Channukkah/holiday of your choice gifts especially to younger people. Hers is an ucompromising voice in defense of their future and they need to hear that voice.Especially now that the Pope appears to have wimped out, who would have thought?

!S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E! says:

(November 7, 2014.)


Jhett says:

(February 3, 2016.)

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrntgii!