Anders B says:

(February 1, 2012.)

Dystert, men bra som fan!

Jakob Burrows says:

(February 2, 2012.)

@Anders: Tack Anders. Det var mer eller mindre det vi siktade på.

Ayyoub says:

(February 18, 2012.)

I've tuohght about this a lot in the past, Trey, and I have basically broken it into the three following categories:1. The Curious, those who are interested in things spiritual and happen to come across your page while searching for something.2. The Watchers, for all you Highlander fans, those who know you are there and watch what you write so they can have record of it.3. The Seekers, those who are seeking healty Christian relationships and spiritual growth, those who long for community and sharing their faith.I appreciate your page, Trey, I find lots of encouraging and challenging tuohghts. THANKS

Jefferson says:

(October 29, 2012.)

Math, I think just like science, math is part of our life, if we niotce it or not. But just like science not many people can fully grasp it. Every time I picture the idea of math calculation, I remember the film, Beautiful Mind. mathematicians are a rare bread, I think, we are relying now in computers so much even for our math. How will that affect our future. Do you rely on new technlogoy to do your work, and even this technology taken away, will you stll be able to continue with your math life?