Anders B says:

(June 8, 2012.)

VADÅ METAFÅR!!! 1) Var det inte på riktigt?!? 2) Här finns då väll la fan inga får!!! 2) Vad har boskap med meta att göra!? Nej ville bara säga, bra jobbat Jakob ! =)

Jasemin says:

(October 29, 2012.)

Well maadcmaia nuts, how about that.

Anacarolina says:

(October 29, 2012.)

Hi Anthony,Is it possible to re-open cotmmnes in the thread? I'd like to reply to Frank's last comment. Work has been consuming recently, and I'd not had the time to compose a response.In other news, I'm visiting the Nuclear Physics lab in Frascati Italy, to work with a colleague (I do the chemistry, Maurizio does the physics). Next Thursday, I'm giving a seminar to an audience of nuclear and condensed matter physicists on measurement uncertainty in the global surface air temperature record. I've expanded my earlier study to now explicitly include SSTs. Here's the title and summary:+++++++++++++++Title: Do We Know the Temperature of Earth?Summary: According to the IPCC the 20th century climate has warmed 0.8b10.1 C, at a rate and magnitude that is unprecedented over at least the last 500 years. The high confidence placed in this centennial temperature change depends upon the b10.1 C uncertainty limit. But is that small uncertainty bound justified? There are very few field calibrations of surface temperature sensors. Those that do exist reveal large systematic measurement errors that should be propagated into the temperature record. However, these errors have been ignored. The neglected systematic measurement errors produced by land and sea surface temperature sensors will be described. The surface air temperature record will be corrected to include systematic sensor measurement error. This error constitutes a lower limit uncertainty bound. A conservative estimate of systematic sensor measurement error shows that, at the 95% confidence interval, the 20th century change in surface air temperature is not knowable to better than b11.2 C. The 20th century global air temperature change is thus indistinguishable from zero.++++++++++++best,Pat

Pebbles says:

(September 1, 2014.)

Super infrtmaoive writing; keep it up.