Jonathan says:

(October 13, 2011.)

Ljuset är grymt snyggt!

Anders B says:

(October 15, 2011.)

Jävligt bra gjort allesammans!

Satyajit says:

(February 18, 2012.)

Haha,what a bunch of exuescs for not buying books in malaysia. Firstly,if u cant get books,go to the local library which i am doing now in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Get ur parent's ic,one of them, and apply for the family card which allows 20 books and 2 AV materials for loans. you can borrow them for up to 2 weeks and i indefinitely renew the books that i like by going to the library and renew it there at the counter. u can do ur first renewal after 2 weeks thru the phone but magazines are not allowed for any renewal!The sad truth is,not many malaysians like to sit down and savour a good old book like i do. It's so rare to find ppl who like to read in malaysia. Why? There simply does not have a conducive reading culture starting from family and school generally. They like to waste their time hanging around in the cybercafe or just wander around the street checking out what other ppl are doing,they dun have a life and which i think they should have one. Get a life and indulge in reading man. Let the power of written words transform ur mind and be gained with knowledge,that is applicable in ur life and for ur future. Knowledge is power!! Thru reading, i have travelled many places and also with the minds of authors and these experiences are so free and good; provided that one is endowed with a good imagination and is blessed with vidual thinking like me thou. lol.

Matheus says:

(October 29, 2012.)

We were in London last night from NY and happened to see your show and loved it! We would love to see you again in NY wihutot the colds! There are PLENTY of people in NY that could use your help and inspiring show! Our only advice .. If you move the show to NY you might have to talk a little more about your career as we only stumbled on the show and we had absolutely no idea who you are! Luckily the lovely women sitting next to us filled us in! PS PERK UP Or as we say in NY . GET THE F OVER IT!

Marietha says:

(December 1, 2013.)

Bella, I agree. I love lists, notbeooks, cardenals and everything related. Nothing nicer than writing on a sheet of nice paper with a nice pen. And I seem to be betterorganized with paper than electronically.

Daniel says:

(November 29, 2015.)

A perfect reply! Thanks for taking the treulbo.