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What's Up With Norma Lin?

february 2013 - october 2013
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Norma Lin is a high school comedy / adventure type story revolving around a party in the woods that gets slightly out of hand. It was originally posted as part of the larger Apathy Adventures series, but you can read the full 30 page story from beginning to end right here!

The main characters are Will, Alex and Norma. Will doesn't know how to talk to girls, or - to be fair - anyone who isn't Alex. Alex, meanwhile, is not a hero. And Norma Lin... well, no one really knows what's up with Norma Lin!

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Apathy Adventures

april 2008 - present (updates thursdays)
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Apathy Adventures is my playground. It's a webcomic I run which largely consists of autobiographical comics, although with lots of surreal elements and magic realism thrown in - there are comics where I hang out with Loki and Jesus and other mythological figures. The themes often have to do with atheism, nihilism and looking for colour in a black and white world. The art is usually very minimalist and very greytone, although there are exceptions.

This webcomic houses some experiments with infinite canvas and even stranger things. Another way of putting it: Apathy Adventures is where I dump comics that don't fit in anywhere else.


Hourly Comics

july 2008 - present (updates about once a month)
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My hourly comics are an ongoing experiment of sorts - on certain days I attempt to take the concept of journal comics to their monotonous extreme by making a quick autobiographical comic every hour, about that hour. It can be called stream of consciousness, quantity over quality or an attempt of mine to formalize reality into some sort of structure. If nothing else it has become a good way for me to remember all the different ways I'm wasting my life.

For four years, 2008-2011, I made hourly comics throughout the month of July, creating hundreds and hundreds of comics, one for every hour that I was awake during that whole month. I didn't do this in 2012, and I don't think I'll do it again, but I still make hourly comics on the first of every month. I personally get more out of doing it once a month because it gives me a clearer view of the progression (or lack thereof) of my life, which is a large part of why I make these.

They are difficult to explain. Give them a read, you might like them.


AWESOME PLANET: A long-form story-based superhero parody/comedy about discovering that you have a crappy superpower and wondering what to do with it. It started out as a screenplay starring me and my friends, which is why the main characters look like me and people I know. Embarrassing! The comic died after 53 pages but the first 42 make out a "part one" that is more or less self-contained. Ran February 2008 - October 2009.

MULTICLASSING: In 2010 I needed another outlet for the type of journal comics I would usually shove into Apathy Adventures (because AA was on hiatus 2009-2012) so I started Multiclassing as a very "slice of life" side project, to capture inane every-day situations and conversations. 23 pages, May - October 2010.

VENTRILOQUISM MADE EASY: A remix comic, where I've taken old comics and changed the words, creating strange, surreal and sometimes snicker-worthy situations. 11 pages, May - August 2010.