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PLAYLISP @ Dalarnas Museum

On October 29th I performed as PLAYLISP at Dalarnas Museum, doing live mashups for A LOT of confused old people and kids. It wasn't the sort of crowd I usually play for, but hey, a gig is a gig is a gig. You'll find videos of the entire thing below!

This year I've been getting a lot more involved with the fancy smancy side of local culture, showing Video Art at Galleries as often as I show short films at festivals. I keep waiting for someone to point at me and go "this is not arrrrtttt", but at this point I've done almost as many gigs at art galleries as I have at dingy parties, and I'm pretty sure I would respond with "FUCK YOU THIS IS ART NOW".

Except for there being a relatively small amount of dancing (I did most of it), I was very happy with how this gig turned out. I've been working on a live setup that allows for more improvisation, and you'll notice that there are a lot of glitchy effects that really enhance the live-feel of what I'm doing. Here is my gig in it's entirety (music starts at 01:10):

01:10 OPM VS Eminem
05:55 Owl City VS Ice Cube
08:20 Grease Lightning VS Nate Dogg
09:30 Bobby McFerrin VS 50 Cent
10:45 Nintendo VS Beastie Boys
11:45 Journey VS Beastie Boys
14:10 Jungle Book VS Eminem VS Gwen Stefani
16:15 MGMT VS Ludacris
17:30 Fever Ray VS Drake
18:40 Lynyrd Skynyrd VS Drake VS Teddybears STHLM
22:40 The Prodigy VS LMFAO VS Quad City DJs

That last mashup is completely new, and probably the most intense track I've made! You can listen to it here:

After my gig I also played music for a fashion show! I had to take some old mashups out of the closet and dust them off (and invent some new ones) to have enough for both a gig and this, but I think it worked out well!

The fashion show has two parts - the first half, until about 12 minutes in, contains clothes from the lovely Falun café Did U give the world some Love today Babe? (yes that's the name of the café, it's sort of the best), and the second part is from people studying fashion in Falun who've been working on the theme "recycling" (just like my music does, appropriately). Check it out:

I'm not gonna list all the tracks, but here are some of the new ones:
04:00 drake VS mambo # 5
05:00 ice cube VS röyksopp
07:10 the knife VS jay-z
14:45 nyan cat VS daft punk
23:00 primal scream VS everybody

There is a fantastic moment at 20:40 when I drop the theme from Dexter just as a girl wearing a blood-spattered dress and carrying a severed head walks in! Considering the age of the crowd I might have been the only one to actually notice this, but it made my god damn day. It wasn't planned or anything, and I was soooo close to skipping that song too...

For one of the tracks (about 9:30 to 12:00) I'm using a remix made by someone else (Alex S.) as a base, which isn't something I would normally do, because it doens't feel like I put enough of myself into it. As a mashup artist I have to be careful about not relying too much on any one sampled song. If people are only digging a mashup because the originals are good, then I'm not really creating anything new, and I can't claim it as my own. So this mashup (9:30 - 12:00) isn't something I would put in my set for a gig, but I figured it was okay to use it as background music for a fashion show!

As always you can check out PLAYLISP.COM to see more of my music, and if you're holding a party and want some mashup flavour, don't hesitate to get in touch!

November 22nd, 2011