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2 Eyes 2 Ears - WEB RELEASE

Next week (20th - 26th of June) I will release my audiovisual mashup project 2 Eyes 2 Ears on the internet! It's about 40 minutes long, so I've split it into six parts and will release one part each day between Monday and Saturday. And on the Sunday I'll put up the soundtrack!

I won't put every new part on the Awesomepedia start page - they'll be on youtube and at playlisp.com - but if you want convenient updates you can attend the the Facebook event created for the release! It's a worldwide internet event, meaning that you just have to watch the videos to attend... So no excuses!

Oh, wait? You don't know what 2 Eyes 2 Ears is? Then let me explain by lazily copy-pasting the description from the aforementioned Facebook event:

2 Eyes 2 Ears is a 40 minute cultural crash put together by the audiovisual mashup artist PLAYLISP (Jakob Burrows). In 2 Eyes 2 Ears dozens of music videos are set against each other to do musical battle for our amusement! Originally composed as a video installation for the exhibition Recycle Art - 2 Eyes 2 Ears is now released for free on the internet! All you have to do to attend this event is to watch the six parts as they're uploaded to Youtube.

Don't know what a mashup is? Check out this introductory video! As it happens, all of the mashups shown in this video are a part of 2 Eyes 2 Ears, so full versions of them will be up soon!

Here's a look at some of the bands that will be set against each other:

Monday - OPM, Eminem, Ben Folds, Grease, Outcast, Ramones, Super Mario
Tuesday - Dexter, Lil' Wayne, Journey, Beastie Boys, Dead or Alive
Wednesday - David Hasselhoff, Black Eyed Peas, Familjen, Scroobius Pip
Thursday - Bobby McFerrin, 50 Cent, Passion Pit, Lady Gaga
Friday - Jungle Book, Gwen Stefani, MGMT, Ludacris, Antoine Dodson
Saturday - Lynyrd Skynyrd VS EVERYONE
Sunday - The soundtrack is uploaded, becoming PLAYLISP's first full length album release!

So, in summary: all you have to do to attend is to watch it, listen to it and enjoy it! No money changes hands, and you don't have to leave the comfy comfort of your computer! If you like it, the best thing you can do to help 2 Eyes 2 Ears is to comment on it, rate it, and send it to a friend or two! Like I've said, it won't be on the awesomepedia startpage, but you can keep up with 2 Eyes 2 Ears at any of these three places:

facebook event - playlisp.com - youtube account

June 17th, 2011