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Scabbed Knees

For the past few months, Awesomepedia has been – let's not say DEAD but, uh – it's been a bit stationary. Congealed! Yeah that sounds about right. Like a big old clot of blood, hardening into place. Which sounds like a bad thing but (as I'm here to tell you) it's actually really good! Clots means you're healing!! Don't pick at scabs, people, because they are a metaphor, and Awesomepedia is healing.

The podcast has kept updating with new episodes every Friday, and there is a redesigned for you to check out, but the actual Awesomepedia start page has been very quiet. Earlier this year, several of my projects were winding down; THIS IS A BEAT, my hourly comics, and Library 34 are all finished, for now. But at the same time, other things have been revving up! It has been quiet lately because new projects are pupating; getting ready to fly out as little internet butterflies for you to adore! For example there is THIS:


The main thing I've been working on is getting back into creating video content. During my time at Dalarna University I directed a number of short films, music videos, and made various other awesome video nonsense. After graduating I felt sort of over-saturated and fed up with the whole filmmaking thing. To top it off, my camera got run over by a car. I can't complain too much, since I was in the car at the time... But still, it didn't help my mood much! So over the past couple of years I haven't been creating much original video content, even though I've partly been earning my bread in that medium.

BUT THEN, this spring, I was overcome with the urge to make videos again! Of course, "videos" isn't extremely specific, and I'm still putting my finger on exactly what I want to create, but compared to when I first started putting videos online (2006?), I feel very close to figuring out my voice and what type of audiovisual stories I want to tell. So... Videos are coming. Anders will be in some of them:

It took a while to decide what camera I wanted but in the end I predictably (if you're the type of person who wastes their time learning about cameras) ended up with a Panasonic GH4. Of course, I also had to learn a lot about optics. As you may know, there are basically two types of lenses, zoom lenses and prime lenses, and I did a lot of research in order to figure out where I should start. Now I can proudly condense my findings in regards to what lenses you should buy:

Zoom lenses are for Marxists and horse rapists. You should only own primes. Spend all your money on primes. Carry around fifteen different primes at all time. If you think you can get a good shot with a zoom – HAH! That shot could be a thousand times better if you had a prime that cost four times as much! What do you mean you can't afford that? What are you even doing here? Who let this guy in?!

So, instead of doing that, I got the GH4 and I'm making due with a single simple zoom lens right now. But whatever! I'm not looking for your approval, online camera snobs!! (Okay maybe just a little.)

Either way, I'm really liking this camera and what I've been able to do with it so far. And I like that it's "expandable" so I can build a setup as advanced as I want. Another plus is that the GH4 takes photographs on a whole different level compared to other cameras I've owned. I'll mostly be shooting video but I've wanted to get more into still photography for a while, and now I can.

A few weeks ago I went to a record release party by local folk pop legends Ronda, and while there I gave the camera a proper test, mostly snapping photos but filming a little as well. Above are a few of my pictures and below is some almost unedited video footage. Videos of a very different kind are coming from me to you soon, but for now please enjoy this song, and if you like it you should check out their debut album From Scribbles on Spotify or wherever people get music these days.

September 10th, 2015