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Hip Hop Cannot be Pop

Here is a demo of one of my new tracks for the upcoming THIS IS A BEAT 2 mixtape. I made the beat sampling Sweet Thing by Mick Jagger. Here are the lyrics, including some maybe helpful links:

subject matter doesn't matter
you're just spitting new neo-sullivan patter
but i pity the fools who think they're fatter
cooler, hipper, full of swagger
when their moves are gay, they move like jagger

i'm just here saying "yo it's clear
we're nerds, poets, faggots and queers"
if that hurts, your game ends right here
where everybody knows your name, cheers

so please ridicule me
cause gee in time you'll see
that yes people may well agree
but i'm still so hella kawaii

and when face my cuteness
you're struck by sudden muteness
no bark no bite you're useless
ride you all day like toothless

cause i thought a lot and you thought less
got a simple mind mine's spotless
so don't - don't you forget about me
wrap it up in your dreams: jim carrey

i rap in my sleep, there's always more
get sixteen when you ask for four
you'll hate that they're real wordy too
ask for eight get thirty two

and don't be a cunt if makes you think
laugh in a month cause we're out of sync
and try some new angles when you sit to poo
cause - derivative shit is all you do

for clarity let's sum it up
popularity is not enough
at the top, directions switch
cause hip hop cannot be pop, bitch


and while i make miracles, you sit in the dirt
like fucking maggots, how do they work?

water, fire, earth and air
i'm non-blue avatar, i balance your cares

i'm acting all emo, like orange is the new black
but i'm playing everybody, like orphan black
and i'm directing of course, like orson's back
well hell my mind's got multiple tracks

and you wanna fuck with me then yes that's fine
step right up, here's the punch line
you a shit remake, that's being kind
i'll hit you up on the rewind

how am i this cocky, i am just disc jockey
a dog on two legs, feeling so rocky
i'm just too talky, put no stock in me
please do not try me, just go ahead and knock me
i'm putting on a mask somebody stop me

September 25th, 2014