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Hello There - in English!

There will be no new Library 34 this week because my hard drive has been slowly crashing over the past six months and we've reached a point where I can't edit audio without the computer glitching out and shutting down. I've ordered a new drive and assuming I can find a Torx T6 screwdriver I'm hopeful that all this junk can be resolved soon. In the meantime I thought I'd tell you about this thing I do.

Me and my (mostly) platonic soulmate Anders host a comedy podcast called Hallå Där. We've put up a new episode every week for the past two years. The show can be found at awesomepedia.org/podcast but I've kept it off the start page because all the episodes have been in Swedish.


(Yes, until now.)

We've started recording every other episode in English to expand our audience and because Anders speaking English is an experience unto itself. So every other Friday, alternating with the weeks that there are new Library 34 episodes, there will be an English podcast episode for your ear enjoyment.

Click here to download the latest episode or visit awesomepedia.org/hellothere where all the English episodes will be collected. They won't appear on the start page but there is an RSS feed and you can subscribe on iTunes. At the time I'm posting this we've only done four English episodes but we've been at this for a while and - assuming I can find that damn Torx T6 - we don't mean to stop any time soon!

Update: Uh, since I wrote this post, all filled with hopefulness and buttershine, I have actually gotten hold of said screwdriver AND said hard drive. I've put that drive in and re-installed the operating system and the first thing I was faced with was a glitchy screen. Same problems as before. So even though the drive was indeed faulty, it wasn't the source of the issue.

Hello There will probably hopefully continue as always but Library 34 is on hiatus until I have a computer I can edit audio on. If there's one upside it's that a lot of other people seem to be having similar problems with the same model. Considering that very few of them are getting helped by Apple, that's a pretty poopy upside.

All is terrible. All is gloom. Abandon all hope ye who buy Apple products.

Oh yeah - and go listen to the podcast now!

September 18th, 2014