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Klipp Art

Over the past week or so I've been trying to figure out the really complicated canon of these books I wrote when I was about ten or eleven. The school gave us these books to write stories in but I filled so many that they refused to give me any more. Luckily my mother got in touch with the paper company and made a bulk order, which is the reason I used these as notebooks for ages and ages, filling the last one up earlier this year.

This picture shows maybe half? I have about fifty of these filled to the brim with cartoony, violent and boarderline psychotic tales. A lot of them are parodies with my main character, who is a moose, going through the plot of Pokémon or Harry Potter or Metal Gear or whatever caught my eye, but mixed in are details that make you wonder if I really should have been watching South Park at that age.

For exaple there are intelligent humanoid donkeys in this world, and every time one of those donkeys dies they will vomit up a whole lot of blood. That is their primary function in the narrative structure. They are constantly being killed and constantly vomiting blood. At one point the moose needed a quick escape and so he killed one of these donkeys and was washed away on the river of blood.

In other words I was almost as great as a ten year old as I am now.

I've been re-reading and marvelling at these macabre cartoons, and part of me wants to piece it all together; reconstruct the story in some way here on my website. But there's so much material and the series honestly seems to have more reboots than Spiderman. Literally four or five times I kill off the characters and start again with everyone reincarnated, like an little angry Jehovah drowning my world to make a new one. Except there's no rainbow in sight.

So we'll see if I get around to uploading more from these books. For now I'll share what I found in the notebook with Mickey Mouse on the outside (see picture above). I appear to have cut up a TV magazine and re-arranged it for my own amusement? Who knew I was making mashups that early!

July 31st, 2014