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Robots Biting Dust

On March 6th I will release an album called BREAK IT / FIX IT. It's a combination of all the best remixes I've made since my last mashup album, 2 Eyes 2 Ears. I'm doing the final tweaks right now and I'm pretty happy with it.

Today I'm releasing this track as a taste of what's to come. It's a rough draft version of one of the tracks on the album.

I'm sure Kraftwerk VS. Daft Punk has been done to death, but I'm not sure if this particular four-way combination has ever been attempted before. It's a mix between Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Queen and Blur, with some C2C thrown in towards the end for good measure. Hope you like it.

You can use this link to share this track. A couple of other things:

  • I've updated the design of the Awesomepedia blog. One upside is that it probably won't crash your browser anymore. If you're reading this in the future then HAHA JK I NEVER MADE BROWSERS CRASH HAHA NOPE
  • I made an instagram account that you can follow if you have one of those.
  • Uh I don't know, like my facebook page or something?
  • I might make some small changes but this is probably what the cover of BREAK IT / FIX IT will look like:

February 20th, 2014