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What's Up, Jakob Burrows?

A full fourth of 2011 has gone by, and creatively it's been some of the busiest time of my life, even though you might not think so from just watching the website. I've become sick of being all mysterious and saying things like "cool stuff is coming to the site soon i promise", so I figured I might as well let you know about some of the things that are happening. So here's my answer to the question "what's up?" You can click any image to see a larger version.

Short Films

Rånet (The Robbery)
My role: Actor & editor
Genre: Comedy
Status: Post-production

Two friends walking through a grocery store get into a heated argument - they both have very strong opinions about potato-gratin! Then they run into the guy who's robbing the place. And he has opinions too.

Filmed on location at ICA Slätta in Falun on a loong dark November night. It's being edited by me, right now, along with a behind-the-scenes film that's likely to be longer than the actual film.

Klasskamrater (Classmates)
My role: Director
Genre: Drama
Status: Post-production

Thea is in the hospital. Thea has tried to kill herself.
Someone she hasn't seen for 20 years drops by with flowers. And spite.

Filmed at Dalarna University's imitation-hospital-room built for the nursing program, in February. This was a really fun experience - working with actors twice my age turned out to be no problem at all, since we were all on the same wave-length story-wise. This one's also being edited right now by Jonathan Norberg, who wrote the script.

Frekvens (Frequency)
My role: Writer
Genre: Drama / Post-Apocalypse
Status: Production

Two brothers drive a crummy old car though a world that's been destroyed, scavenging for food and shelter. Always in danger, always running - they're all that's left of humanity. Or so they think until their radio starts picking something up...

A bunch of film-students at Dalarna University, including folks I've worked with on Rånet and Klasskamrater, have chosen my screenplay to produce as part of their education, spending half a term on it. I have high hopes! These pictures are from a test shoot we did, where I played one of the characters. I won't act in the actual film because I'll be busy with the next thing on this list...

Rymdkarate (Space-Karate)

My role: Director, writer, actor, producer, editor
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Status: Pre-production

Daniel really really really wants to make a movie. About something awesome. Like, in space. But all he has to work with is a crappy camcorder, a bunch of cardboard & tinfoil, and an old childhood friend who absolutely does not want to play his Space Princess. Well... You work with what you've got.

This is a story that's been bubbling around in my brain for years, and which now has backing from Film i Dalarna. We're shooting it later this spring!

Den Objudna Gästen (The Uninvited Guest)
My role: Director
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Status: Pre-production

Man, that sure was a great party last night! Who's that on the couch? Is... is he breathing?

This one's in the casting/finishing-the-damn-script stage. Will be filmed in the fall.

Music Videos

Answer Me
My role: Director, musician, producer, actor
Genre: Ukulele & song
Status: Post-production

A personified answering machine serenades its owner, and explains why her on-again-off-again boyfriend is a jerk. The lyrics are built very much like a story, and this music video reflects that, becoming something like a number from a musical in the way it represents the story. Packs comedy and drama and a whole lot of ukuleles into 2 minutes, 50 seconds. Shot with a RED One camera at Centralcafét and and Herrhagen in Falun on the 25th, 26th and 27th of March.

My role: Director, musician, producer, actor, editor
Genre: Ukulele & song
Status: Finished

This video explores the storytelling-potential inherit in a very specific visual trick which lies halfway between special effect and optical illusion. Above all else this video is fun. It's had overwhelmingly positive response at a viewing arranged by Film i Dalarna and at Dalarna University.

2 Eyes 2 Ears
My role: I did everything yo
Genre: Mashup / Remix
Status: Finished

This might be more of an installation or video-experiment than a music video, but it fits the category. It's a cultural crash where no one's safe, a mashup, an extended audiovisual remix where different music videos are put together into something new. More specifically it's a 40-minute-loop where Baloo from the Jungle Book plays along with Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani, where Super Mario meets Eminem, and where David Hasselhoff sings a duet with the Black Eyed Peas. Is currently being shown at Recycle Art, an exhibit at Magasinet in Falun (the pictures below are from there).

In summary

There are musical projects in the works too (as you might guess from the music-video-section), but I'll leave those for a later post. Hopefully this is enough to prove that I'm not slacking off!

April 13th, 2011