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USA Travel Blog - New York

So this August me and Calle and Anders left Sweden and travelled across the US from coast to coast, New York to Los Angeles. Since I'm an avid/obsessive filmmaker I brought my camera and documented every part of the journey, and I've been going through and editing the footage now, so quite a few videos from all across the United States will start popping up here on Awesomepedia, starting with this one:

I've made two longer videos from New York - this first one above documents the trip to the US and our first impressions walking around Manhattan. At 01:14 you get a peek at Anders' bag, which was completely destroyed by Delta, and about three minutes in is where we actually start exploring the city. The talking is mostly in Swedish, and I haven't put subtitles on it at this point, but it's pretty visual and you'll get the general idea regardless.

Video #2 below documents days two and three in New York, and it's completely in English because we're hanging out with Alec Troise, who is someone I've known online for years but never met before now! The video starts with a view of Times Square but mostly consists of snippets from a long conversation in Central Park where we met up with Alec and spent hours comparing Sweden and the US and getting to know each other "irl", as they say. The last part of the video shows some of the concert we attended on our last day in New York, as well as our desperate attempt, on that last night, to see the Statue of Liberty.

During the whole trip Anders was as bad as me, or worse, with his camera. Me and Calle were constantly having to stop and wait while he took pictures of anything and everything, being the tourist that neither me nor Calle dared to be. At the time it was a bit annoying, but in retrospect it's great because we have lots of pictures to remember our trip by. Here are some of the ones from New York.

And that's that. Finally, here's a part of our Central Park discussion that I couldn't fit into the second video above, but which I wanted to share anyway. We're comparing how religion and atheism works in the US with how it works in Sweden, and I find it quite interesting.

Next stop: Washington DC!

November 18th, 2012