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Stockholm In My Heart

It's week three of living in Stockholm and I vaguely remember living somewhere you couldn't do this:

For those who haven't been keeping up (or maybe I never told you) I've been studying filmmaking at Dalarna University for the past four years, and I'm now in the last term of a three year course on screenwriting. The last part of the course is an internship, which I'm doing at a production company called Baluba.

Every week at Baluba I learn more than an entire term at Dalarna University (Sorry Mister Bergenstråhle). The one thing that's been lacking in my education is how things work in the real world. Sure, I've learned a lot of tools to help me write a good script, but I've learned zero tools to help me get it on TV. And although I've signed all kinds of confidentiality agreements I'm pretty sure I can tell you that I'm working on the development of a sitcom at Baluba.

So I'm working with casting, production design, reading and translating scripts, and all kinds of other things. I'm also doing producer-type-work that isn't very creative but definitely necessary if you want to make TV-shows (which I do), like sitting in on meetings with lawyers and with The Channel, dealing back and forth with them. These are the types of things you can only learn by doing them, so I'm very glad to be here, doing them.

For instance I've had a reality check regarding how much of a business television really is. It's very obvious how The Channel will push for anything that might get them better ratings while we at the production company feel that if you concentrate on making a good show the ratings will come. That's not being entirely fair to The Channel, I suppose, but at the same time I'm starting to understand how a lot of bad shows gets on the air.

On a separate note living in Stockholm is very different from living in Dalarna, obviously. There's a lot more going on - like this weekend me and Jonathan went to a performance of alternative music. I wanted to make a comic about this event, but found that pictures for sad children had already captured the experience brilliantly. But here's a quick video:

[there should be a video here]

Brilliant. I would like to point out that her dropping the ring down the metal rod at 00:15 was the god damn highlight of the show. Although to be honest I can't be completely sure since we had the audacity to leave after twenty minutes.

Anyway, there were a lot of people watching this tripe which is sort of exciting, since I've been known to dip my toe into the pond alternative expression, and make/perform things that have mostly been met with polite befuddlement in Dalarna. They might do better here. Also a few hours later me and Jonathan returned to find that the place had transformed into a club that didn't play a single shitty pop song (a new experience for me).

Oh! And another thing - I'm also working on another Baluba production, a sketch-comedy show, as a screenwriter, and yesterday they filmed a sketch that I wrote. And on Sunday it will be broadcast on national TV. And I signed my first contract as a screenwriter.

So yeah. Things are happening. Exciting things. I thought I'd let you guys know.

April 24th, 2012