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Mass Effect 3 Fanart

I am WAY into Mass Effect, and I recently played through the third game. This is one of my favourite moments - your trusty spacebro Garrus and you hang out on the Citadel and shoot at cans to determine "once and for all" who is the better shot. You're given the opportunity to either hit the final can or miss on purpose, and if you pick the latter Garrus bursts into a little speech.

For the continuity I also threw together what I imagine happens if you hit the can:

Mass Effect 3 is a good game. Like a lot of people I wasn't thrilled about the ending, and I found myself mildly insulted by whoever apparently decided to give all females in the galaxy breast implants between games. Like Bioware is sitting next to me going "THIS IS WHAT YOU WAAANT". But still, good game.

March 16th, 2012