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Answer Me (EP)

I've made an EP called Answer Me! It has six simple little love songs played on the ukulele, with lyrics about monsters and demons, intelligent machines and ignorant people. You can download it here in any format you want, and I'm releasing it as "name your price", so if you want you can throw some change my way! Or you could help me out by posting this on your facebook or blog or anywhere at all (just hit the "share" button below)! Anyway, I hope you like this thing I recorded in my bedroom.

By the way I'm releasing this under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA so feel free to make covers and remixes! You can find a lot of the lyrics and chords at Here are some things you didn't know about the songs:

Answer Me was written as a response to the challenge "write a song from the perspective of an inanimate object", and picking an answering machine was sort of a way of cheating myself out of that premise. The singer could be a futuristic answering machine with an actual AI, but I prefer to think of him as an anthropomorphized old-fashioned answering machine, like we did in the music video. And of course the whole thing is a not-so-subtle metaphor for someone on the sidelines or in the "friend zone".

I don't really know where Feet came from - it's the one song on the EP that doesn't tell a distinct story. It's a slightly ironic expression of enthusiasm for the unknown, and about understanding nothing yet seeing meanings in everything. In that sense it works as a counter-pole to my earlier Nihilist Birthday Song, which expresses the exact opposite. The feel of the recording we made for the EP is a bit sloppy but I always felt the song worked best with this unbridled enthusiasm, like it's almost breaking apart. The song features my friends Thea, Simon and Tobbe, who also appear in the music video.

Katherine is a song about how things die, and about sleeping dogs and why we should let them lie. (Psst! It's actually it's about demons and possession and Frankenstein-creatures!) The obvious metaphor THIS time is that of trying to rekindle an old flame and things not working out the way you hoped.

The Machine is a song I wrote about a machine that is able to calculate anyone's perfect soulmate (but sometimes we don't want perfection). The audio for this track on the EP is actually from this video - it's the only "live" video I've made that actually got good sound.

Worst Love Song is a brand new song - you haven't heard it anywhere else, folks! As the title suggests it is the worst love song ever written, as you'll probably be able to tell from the first line. It's also sort of about finding comfort in cynicism.

#79 is the the latest in a series of failed love songs written by the same person, for the same person. It's the last song on the EP and also the one I wrote last, which shows, since it's a bit more complex than the others (and about twice as long). Here's a fun fact: I threw in an out-of-place homophobic line because I never want to make a character too likeable. I don't like people without flaws. They bore me.

The plan for the future is to make another EP (of about the same length) and then combine the best songs from both into an album, which gets properly produced with a lot more instruments and better microphones and so on. If you want this to happen you should download and spread this EP. Because it cheers me up and keeps me going. And because it's my birthday today.

February 8th, 2012