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Great, Another Damn Locksmithing Blog

I hate blogs that only have one or two entries, especially if the first one is along the lines of "I've finally gotten round to starting a blog" and the last one includes an apology for missed updates, and a promise of more to come soon (dated 2006 or so). But despite my hate THIS IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE BLOGS PROBABLY. Just in case it doesn't turn out like that I thought I'd explain why I'm starting this:

I used to post things here on Awesomepedia fairly regularly, and mostly they were silly but entertaining little things that took a day or two to put together. Now though, my standards have changed, and the creative projects I'm involved in have gotten bigger. At the moment I'm in the post-production phase of two short films and a music video, and at the same time I'm in the pre-production of several more, filling roles like director, actor, editor, etc. These, and other projects, take up the time that might have gone into making silly little things for the website. All in all, this means that there are fewer posts on the site these days, but that some of them will have a remarkably higher production value.

That's where the blog comes in! I'd like to have a space where I can give you peeks at coming projects and (perhaps more importantly) discuss the creative processes behind those projects. So you might expect behind-the-scenes stuff from the films I'm making, random pages from my notes, storyboards, and so on! This is also where I'll post any small image or text based project that won't fit into the streamlined Awesomepedia website-structure (note that the gallery has disappeared from the main menu, although you can still find it if you try hard enough).

In short this blog is a way to convince anyone who might be concerned that no, despite the lack of updates, I am not actually dead yet, and nor has my creativity died.

The name of this blog is Lots of Keys, and I suppose that needs to be explained. I can hear you now: ”What are you, the keymaster? The fucking keeper of the keys? U a locksmith all up in this bitch?” So here's the thing: it's a line from one of my songs. You haven't heard it, because I haven't uploaded it anywhere yet. This is the line:

your heart's got lots of lock.
but my piano's got lots of keys

It seemed like an appropriate name, since I'll mostly be writing about the inner workings of creativity. Also I really like the line. So long, until next time! (unless I turn out to be more of a dick than I thought I was and don't actually ever post here again ever never ever it could happen)

EDIT DECEMBER 2011: The song in question is called #79 and it's now availible here.

March 14th, 2011