Apathy Adventures - OH MY GOSH


Did you know that here in Sweden you can compliment someone's cooking by saying that the food is shit-tasty? This is perfectly respectable. If you're at the nobel-prize-reception-dinner and you happen to sit next to Carl XVI Gustaf and he asks you what you think of the meal, you might say that it is "shit-tasty, your majesty" and he will delightedly agree.
I have not made this up.
This is true.

Of course, twenty years ago, the king would have been extremely offended, and my point is that while I used to try to avoid saying things like "oh my god!" (for obvious reasons), I now understand that language evolves, and "oh my god!" has evolved from being outmoded undeserved reverence into a synonym for "oh-my-fucking-fuck-WHAT THE-FUCK-ASS-FUCK!!" which is much more useful.

Also: using "Satan!" as a curse-word is common here in Sweden, but I don't think it's as popular internationally?

//Jakob Burrows