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My name is Jakob Burrows and this website is where I put things I make. The start page updates with something new every Thursday and there are new podcast episodes every Friday. At least that's what I'm aiming for. You might be reading this in a future where I've been struck by lightning or have a full time job or something equally horrible.

Since 2008 I've been uploading all kinds of music, comics and videos. Here below I'll give you the gist of a few of my projects. You can also visit my side-domains playlisp.com and jakobburrows.com or find me on various social media:

WHAT IS UP WITH NORMA LIN is a high school comedy / adventure comic I made in 2013. It revolves around a party in the woods that gets slightly out of hand. It is 31 pages and was originally posted as part of Apathy Adventures.

Apathy Adventures is a playground where I put just about any comics I make. Most of them are autobiographical, though with some surreal elements and magic realism thrown in. There are comics where I hang out with Loki, Jesus and other mythological figures. The themes often have to do with atheism, nihilism and looking for colour in a black and white world.

My hourly comics are an ongoing experiment - on certain days I take the concept of journal comics to their monotonous extreme by making a quick autobiographical comic every hour, about that hour. It can be called stream of consciousness, quantity over quality or an attempt of mine to formalize reality into some sort of structure. If nothing else it has become a good way for me to remember all the different ways I'm wasting my life.

Read more about these and all my other comics at /comics.

Library 34 is a podcast that updates with a new episode every other Thursday. In this show I turn terrible fanfiction into terribly entertaining radio.

The show started in 2014 and we've already listened to Severus Snape seduce Legolas, Luke Skywalker save the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Cartman and Kyle meet under the mistletoe.

Reading these stories is like flossing your brain. Or bleaching it, maybe. It's like that pale blue dot thing that Mr Sagan was always on about. Join me in gazing into the eye of the storm; the eye of madness. Let us pass through this darkness together and emerge, having changed.

You can download the show here on the website or subscribe on iTunes / rss.

Hallå Där is a comedy podcast hosted by me and Anders Backlund. It started in 2011 as part of the student radio at my university and currently updates with a new hour long episode every Friday.

We talk a lot nonsense and take apart our favourite (and least favourite) TV-shows and movies. Not unlike Library 34 we also like to dig out absurd and amazing things from the hidden corners of the internet - for example in our regularly recurring feature OMG or YA.

For a long time all the episodes were in Swedish, but since 2014 we've recorded every other episode in English. International listeners can find all the English episodes collected at awesomepedia.org/hellothere.

Since 2010 I've produced remixes, mashups and electronic music under the name PLAYLISP. I mix songs that were never ever meant to be put together, and somehow it works and it makes people dance. When possible I work with both audio and video to bring together combative elements in hopes of creating something new in the collision.

BREAK IT / FIX IT is my latest remix album, released in 2014. 2 Eyes 2 Ears is an older audiovisual project released in 2011 as both audio and video. Lately I've also released a few experiments with rap music.

There are a bunch of mashup videos and many live shows that you can find by digging around in the video archive or by going through the flickery pixilated playlisp.com.

Apart from the electronic stuff I also make music using "instruments" with so called "strings". In 2011 I released an EP called Answer Me, which collects some of that music, though there's more to be found in the video archive.

The lyrics to those songs were always sort of strange; for example Answer Me is written out of the perspective of an answering machine, as is made plain in the music video, and don't ask me what Feet is about - that music video doesn't give much of a clue, even if it is quite neat.

There's also tracks like Worst Love Song, which berates more than it praises, and Fanfiction is about a crazy person who makes up stories. Actually, now that I think about it all those songs are written out of the perspective of insane people. Funny how that comes so easy to me.

Okay, that should give you an idea of some of the things I post on this website! There's also other stuff, like Watching Me Watching You and a bunch of short films and animations I've directed or otherwise been involved in. The only good way to find things is to go exploring!